Arizona Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Penalites

Penalties for Domestic Violence Offenses

Misdemeanor Offenses

Penalties for a domestic violence offense will vary depending upon the underlying offense.  All domestic violence convictions, even if is simply a disorderly conduct charge, require completion of a state mandated counseling program.  At a minimum, under Arizona law, a person convicted of a domestic violence offense must complete 26 sessions of domestic violence classes.

If the underlying offense is a misdemeanor, individuals convicted of domestic violence may be sentenced up to time county jail.  The amount of jail time a person potentially faces depends upon the severity of the offense.  If convicted of a class one misdemeanor, one could face up to six months in jail.  First time offenders usually are not given jail but the law does not preclude it.  Those convicted of domestic violence normally are asked to do a term of either supervised or unsupervised probation.  Fines are often part of a sentence, but typically the court suspends the fine if counseling is completed.  The court may also ask one convicted of domestic violence to do community service, and attend anger management or other behavioral counseling in addition to the mandated domestic violence counseling.  It is also not uncommon for the court to order an accused or convicted person to stay away from the victim.  If children are involved in Arizona Child Protective Services may get involved.

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